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Pomeat Rope Knot Door Stop Review

The Pomeat Rope Knot Door Stop is a great lightweight, durable door stop for hardwood or tile floors. It’s made from high-density plastic so it won’t scratch up wood. The rope can be removed and swapped with any color you choose in order to match your home decor needs! This doorstop will definitely come in handy on those days when the kids are running around like crazy, not just as an emergency measure but also as a decorative item that’s sure to impress your guests by catching their attention at first glance!

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Features of Pomeat Rope Knot Door Stop

1. Excellent Rope Knot Door Stop
2. Nautical Style
3. Multi-Purpose
4. Easy to Use

1. Excellent Rope Knot Door Stop

A rope knot door stop is a great way to secure your doors without damaging them. This type of door stop can be used for all types of doors including wood, metal, French doors and more as it works on most surfaces. It’s easy to install just by tying the two ends together (like you would do with a regular bowline). You should adjust the length depending on how long your doorway is so that each end comes out at about the same distance from the wall or jamb.

2. Nautical Style

Designed from recycled vinyl, the Pomeat Rope Knot Door Stop is a two-toned rope with 2.8 inches in diameter and 8 feet long that comes pre-knotted at 6 inch intervals for quick installation on any door or window frame. The knotting process also prevents movement of knots up and down the rope so it will stay put no matter how much weight is exerted against it.

3. Multi-Purpose

The Pomeat Rope Knot Door Stop is a multipurpose door stop which can be used in the kitchen, as well as at home.

4. Easy to Use

This portable doorstop, which is easy to carry around and use, comes in handy when you are on the go. It’s perfect for offices and work spaces where there isn’t a lot of room. This product provides an excellent way to keep doors propped open while they’re being used or just left closed so they don’t slam shut unexpectedly.

Reviews & Ratings of Pomeat Rope Knot Door Stop

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Pomeat Rope Knot Door Stop is one of the most popular door stops on Amazon, with an astonishing 4.5 out 5 stars and more than 1,000 reviews to back that up.
Pomeat products are made from 100% recycled plastic waste so you can feel good about buying them for your home or as a gift for someone else who may be environmentally conscious too! They’re easy to install in any frame and come in different colors: black, red, blue and green.
A customer recently said there were “no more bangs when doors open/close,” which means they’ve stopped falling off the hinges


In conclusion, the Pomeat Rope Knot Door Stop is a durable and high-quality product that has everything its buyers need. With 3 different sizes to choose from, this door stop can fit into any home with ease. Though it’s a little pricier than other similar products on the market, most people say they are worth it for their durability and quality as well as being able to help protect your doors against damage or breakage..

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